Microfinance addresses a variety of financial services which includes loans, reserve funds and insurance to make accessible to poor business people and entrepreneurs who have no insurance and wouldn't generally meet all requirements for a standard bank advance. Frequently, micro-loans are given to those living in under developed countries who are working in an assortment of various exchanges which includes transportation, carpentry, fishing and much more. Large portion of the people who promote microfinance believes that such funding will help poor individuals out of the poverty level. For others, microfinance is an approach to promote economic improvement, employment and development through the support of smaller scale business people and private ventures.

Microfinance is accessible through microfinance institutes, which run from little non-benefit associations to bigger banks. Microfinance establishments incorporate both revenue driven organizations, similar to General Electric Consumer Finance and Citi Microfinance, and in addition non-benefit associations, for example, ACCION and BRAC. The two primary systems for delivering the micro financial services to customers are:

  1. Relationship-based keeping money for individual business people and private ventures.

  2. Group based models, where a few business people meet up to apply for loans and different services collectively.

Among the financial services, their offer are loans, help setting up and keeping up an investment account and cash exchanges, and additionally help acquiring protection for an assortment of requirements, for example, disease, misfortune, property or death.

Microfinance is probably going to develop in three ways: an expanding utilization of technologies; lower costs; and an arrangement with conventional finance, as mainstream financial institutions are beginning to do microfinance, and microfinance foundations are rising and merging with conventional finance.

The Citi Foundation has been supporting the development and advancement of the microfinance business for a considerable length of time; their funding has consistently expanded alongside that extension. In the course of recent years, they have contributed about $40 million in financing to microfinance organizations MFIs and microfinance systems which give long-term, feasible effect to low-pay families and groups in more than 50 nations.

Globally, their partners includes ACCION International ( first microfinance grant ever from Citi foundation), Women’s World Banking, FINCA, the Grameen Foundation, Microfinance Opportunities, the SEEP Network, the Microfinance Information Exchange, the Foundation for Development Cooperation, Integra Ventures, Sanabel, the Russian Microfinance Center, the Asian Institute of Management, the Indian School of Microfinance for Women, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the Abrinq Foundation.

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